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How to Choose Quality Refurbished Office Equipment

How to Choose Quality Refurbished Office Equipment

Starting or growing a business is an exciting process, and there are hundreds of decisions to make along the way. Some of these decisions center around your office equipment. Should you buy or lease? What features and capabilities do you need going forward? Are financing options available? Could refurbished office equipment help you meet your goals?

Choosing Refurbished

Refurbished office equipment is an excellent choice for budget-conscious businesses. Because the equipment isn't brand new, the potential for savings is very high. Even so, it's critical to be a well-informed buyer. Here's what we recommend.

Know the Difference between Used and Refurbished

A refurbished printer or copier is not just a "used" device. Anyone can sell previously used equipment, but there are no guarantees that your purchase will function as expected.

Refurbished office equipment comes from a variety of sources. Some of these include previously leased copiers, demo units, orders canceled by customers, or new devices with some damage to the packaging or the unit itself. Refurbished equipment has gone through an established process that includes comprehensive restoration and inspection.

Know Your Equipment Provider

It's critical to purchase or lease from a local established equipment provider. Look for these benchmarks of a reputable refurbished office equipment dealer:

  • Technology partners —Do they work with industry-leading equipment manufacturers?
  • Reviews —What do others say about their equipment and their service after the sale?
  • Support —Can they help you navigate the selection process? What do they offer for ongoing maintenance and support?

The RDS team can help you cut to the chase, matching digital printing solutions with your requirements. Even better, we specialize in refurbished office equipment that helps businesses meet their goals while also treading lighter on the planet. If you're ready to begin the selection process, get in touch with us at RDS today!