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Important Security Steps to Take

1. Protect your network.

Unsecured copiers can allow malicious actors into your network. Contact your equipment and IT services provider to implement security protocols and scan your network for any vulnerabilities caused by your print infrastructure.

2. Encrypt your data.

As data flows over your network from employees to multifunction copiers, it's in a vulnerable state and susceptible to interception by hackers. Data encryption makes print jobs useless to hackers and is an essential security step every business must take to protect sensitive information. Your managed print provider can help you implement encryption on your copiers.

3. Implement passcodes.

Can anyone passing by walk up to your copiers and use them? Passcodes for authorized users can prevent random passersby from accessing and printing sensitive data stored on your copier's hard drive.

4. Upgrade your equipment.

If you're hanging onto copiers that don't have the latest security features, you're putting your network at risk. Your equipment provider can assess your requirements and recommend copiers that meet your specifications and protect your data.

5. Choose a secure location.

A simple solution to securing your copiers is to locate them wisely. A secure location may mean limiting access to a select number of authorized employees and is recommended when printing highly sensitive data like private health records or prescriptions. For most other uses, centralized multifunction copiers placed in high-traffic areas can be a deterrent to theft.

Are your copiers secure? Contact us at RDS for an assessment today!