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Navigating Your Search

Tips for Navigating Your Search for Refurbished Office Equipment

If you've ever wondered whether refurbished office equipment is a good investment, there's no need to worry. The refurbished office equipment industry meets a need for start-up companies, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations looking for quality office equipment without the high cost of buying new.

1. Always work with a reputable equipment provider. That great deal on Craigslist may be a scam, but even if it's not, it's impossible to assess the condition of the equipment; you'll have to take the seller's word for it. An established local refurbished office equipment vendor has a strict process for inspecting the equipment that passes through the business. The very word refurbished assures you that any issues have been corrected, with new parts added to make sure that your device will serve your needs for years.

2. Know what you want, but prepare to adjust your expectations. If you've been browsing online brochures and have your heart set on a specific manufacturer and model, you may have to consider other options. An experienced refurbished office equipment provider will be able to take your wish list and find a copier or printer that meets or exceeds those same requirements.

3. Be ready to lease or buy when you find what you want.Refurbished office equipment doesn't hang around long, and some units may be one of a kind. When you see something that meets your requirements, be prepared to make a decision. If you've done your homework and trust your vendor, there shouldn't be any reason to hesitate.

The RDS Team sells guaranteed restored equipment, and we proudly stand behind every product. If you're in the market for a refurbished copier or printer, get in touch with us for a demonstration today!