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How Managed Print Services Lowers Costs and Delivers Consistency

Securing company-owned printers and copiers is still not a high priority for many offices. With the ongoing problem of print security breaches, every business should treat their equipment with the same care as their computers and their front door. Locked down is locked out, and there's no need to make things easier for intruders.

Stop Security Breaches

To mitigate your company's risk of a print-related security breach, here's what you must do, and why you must begin now.

1. Update everything. Updates are as important for your printers and copiers as they are for your computers and mobile devices. Many updates address bugs found in operating systems, and following through with the process means your equipment will perform better. It also means you'll benefit from patches and newly developed security features. Automatic updates are another reason why a managed services partnership is considered a smart business move.

2. Implement secure printing. Hackers aren't the culprit in every print-related security breach; employees are sometimes to blame, but it's not always intentional. Whenever someone prints confidential documents and fails to retrieve them from the print tray, there's a potential for another employee to see sensitive information. Requiring authentication at the device to release print jobs is the best way to prevent this common problem.

3. Why managed services? Your multifunction printer very likely retained a copy of every document that passed through the scanning bed. Only you know what that entails, but the only way to prevent its falling into the hands of a criminal is to remove or scrub the hard drive. Your managed services provider can perform this service for you.

Print security should be a top concern for your company, and one more reason why managed services are preferred by so many businesses. Contact the RDS Team to learn more today.