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Protect Confidential Data

Protect Confidential Data with Managed Print Services

Even if your company has no first-hand experience with managed print services, you're probably familiar with the key benefits. Most organizations make three startling discoveries:

    1. They're spending a lot more than they realize on annual document output
    2. Their under-managed print environment is a source of organization-wide inefficiencies
    3. A managed print services engagement can reduce printing costs by as much as 40%

More to Gain from Managed Print

While increased productivity and more capital to grow your business are convincing enough, there are other surprising benefits to a managed print services engagement. A newly redesigned and efficient printer fleet can have a positive impact on your company's document security strategy.

Under-managed print environments are increasingly a source of security violations, some of which go unnoticed for years. The alarming truth is that many of these infractions occur on a regular basis and are unintentional—a fact that does not absolve your organization from responsibility.

Managed print services can help mitigate your company's print security risks with a three-pronged approach. Here's how:
You protect the documents stored on your computers and in the cloud, but what about after they're printed? Documents left unattended on the device after printing constitute a security violation when they contain protected information. Employees are very familiar with the problem, as nearly half report seeing confidential company correspondence and HR documents with private employee salary information. Managed print services providers address the issue with solutions like:

    Swipe-to-print and passcodes require users to authenticate at the device to release print jobs
    User tracking shows who printed what and when
    Hard drive encryption protects data held on device storage repositories
    Updates prevent security breaches caused by outdated hardware and software

Is your organization at risk of a print environment-related security violation? Contact us to find out with a Managed Print Services assessment by the RDS team today!