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Try Refurbished Office Equipment

Reasons to Give Refurbished Office Equipment a Try

Refurbished office equipment has become a popular choice among environmentally conscious organizations. If you're ready for an equipment upgrade and would like to lessen your company's impact on the environment while saving quite a bit of money, refurbished office equipment can help you reach your goals.

Why Try Refurbished?

Not sure about refurbished office equipment? Here are three reasons why you may want to give it a try.

1. It's not the same as used equipment.

It's a misconception that refurbished and used or second-hand office equipment are one in the same. Refurbished office equipment has undergone a strict inspection and repair process that brings it back in line with the manufacturer's specifications. In many cases, refurbished office equipment comes with a guarantee and can be acquired under a leasing program, just like new equipment.

2. Your budget could use a break.

If the cost of new equipment means you can't swing an upgrade, refurbished office equipment is a great alternative. You could save as much as 80% off the MSRP, and an all-inclusive pay-per-print program makes the equipment even more affordable.

3. The environment could use a break, too.

More and more companies are making environmental responsibility a part of their culture. Refurbished office equipment is a sustainable choice for several reasons.

  • Say no to the landfill. By leasing or purchasing refurbished office equipment, you're keeping plastics, metals, and chemicals out of the local landfill
  • Conserve our natural resources. By forgoing the purchase of new equipment, you're helping to conserve our planet's limited natural resources
  • Partner with like-minded companies. By partnering with a refurbished office equipment supplier, you're doing your part to keep environmental sustainability alive and well in your community
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