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Multifunction Printer

Do you have more devices than you need in your printer fleet? In unmanaged print environments, redundant, outdated, and single-function devices can be a significant source of cost over-runs. Managed print services deploy fleet right-sizing methods to match devices with workgroups and workflows.

Single-function or Multifunction Printer?

Over time, organizations can acquire a variety of single-function printers without realizing it. While there are situations where a dedicated single-function device is the right fit, in most cases a multifunction system is the more cost-effective and productive option.

Here's why so many managed print services providers recommend a centralized multifunction printer.

1. Four Functions in One Unit

The most apparent benefit of combining functions is that your office can eliminate the costs associated with purchasing and maintaining four separate devices. Multifunction printers copy, print, scan, and fax in one space-saving unit. The savings in productivity, office space and costs are easy to see.

2. Document Management Capabilities

Multifunction systems provide document scanning features—a direct route to paperless document management. By scanning incoming documents, businesses can route information to cloud storage repositories, send to colleagues via email, or route directly to internal processes.

3. Powerful Finishing Features

In-house printing wouldn't be the same without the features typically provided by professional print and copy shops. Multifunction systems with features like folding, collating, hole-punching, stapling and saddle stitching brings professional finishing capabilities in-house.

  • Print marketing materials at a fraction of the cost of outsourcing
  • Print professional documents in-house and on demand
  • Avoid costly markup fees
  • Stop ordering more paper than you need just to qualify for quantity discounts

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