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What Do You Need in a Copier?

What Do You Need in a Copier?

When it comes to copiers, there's a solution for nearly every business requirement. Narrowing your needs down is a simple matter of asking the right questions, talking to your team, and meeting with your equipment provider.

The Right Questions

What features does your business require to accomplish daily operations efficiently and for less money? Here's what to ask to find out:

1. What is your current print volume? You may not be familiar with your monthly document output, but your equipment provider can help you determine these metrics. By choosing copiers with a monthly duty cycle that exceeds your needs by a slight margin, your equipment will serve your workgroup for years.

2. How large is your workgroup? The right employee-to-device ratio is essential to productivity. Too many copiers are as inefficient and costly as too few, so you want to get this number right. An assessment of your print-related workflows and a survey of your employees can help you determine the correct number of copiers for your office.

3. What are your page-per-minute requirements? High volume requirements are often accompanied by a need for fast document outputs. Check with your equipment provider for copiers designed to meet high ppm requirements.

4. Do you require professional finishing features? It's a given that most multifunction copiers will print, copy, scan, and fax. Some also staple, fold, hole-punch, collate and add a watermark. For these and other professional finishing capabilities, ask for a demonstration of the latest technologies.

5. Are you interested in paperless processes? Multifunction copiers are designed to help businesses scan, capture, and convert paper documents into digital versions. If scanning documents to a cloud storage repository are in your future, multifunction copiers should be as well.

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