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Camaraderie Around the Copy Machine

Camaraderie Around the Copy Machine - Copy machine leasing

It’s a new year and a new decade! And all of us here at RDS Team, your headquarters for a full range of digital printing solutions and copy machine leasing, have made our resolutions and are all set to face new challenges, meet new goals and have some fun this year.

And speaking of fun, why not bring some of that vibe into your workplace? (We’re looking at you, office managers!)

Having a strong team is as important as having the right business tools and office equipment - like one of the range of multifunction copiers and multifunction printers we have available to buy or lease? Unless of course you have robots running the show!

Happy Fridays

For those of us with a human workforce, here are some ways to spruce up Fridays and build positive workplace rapport (after all, with the anticipation of the upcoming weekend, it’s everyone’s favorite day!)

Office Trivia

Free up Friday afternoon for some fun team games. Everybody loves trivia, so divide the office into two or more teams. Have several quiz categories, such as general knowledge, pop trivia, movies and TV, or even questions about products you sell (then you could claim it’s work-related!) Print out the questions on a newly leased copy machine from RDS! Prize incentives could include vouchers for a pizza parlor or any fun local restaurant.

Employee of the Week

Have a weekly shout out for employees who have gone the extra mile, crushed sales, or done something extraordinary, and celebrate with baked goods and refreshments. And how about creating a certificate for that special employee or colleague, which you can print out thanks to the rental copy machine RDS delivered in the nick of time?

It’s Okay to Share Hour

How about gathering on Fridays to discuss personal goals, life events, milestones, and so on. Get some pizzas and drinks and give your employees time to share their thoughts with others, to help build camaraderie and have some quality time to get to know each other.

Happy New Year from all of us at The RDS Team, your headquarters for color copier rentals, HP laser printing leasing and more. At RDS Team we pride ourselves on delivering good customer service with cost effective solutions, and with low environmental impact to our earth.