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Fun Facts about Copy Machines You May Not Know

Fun Facts about Copy Machines You May Not Know | Copy machine leasing

The copy machine leasing experts at RDS Team know a thing or two about photocopiers. Our expertise and our financing for the HP printer leasing printing and other multifunction printers sets us apart. We’re proud of the way copy machines and printers have shaped our modern world.

Since 1959 the copy machines have taken pride of place in offices worldwide, making life easier for all of us. Now the technology is advancing at a rapid pace with the emergence of 3D printing. But have you ever wondered how it all began?

Fun Facts about Copy Machines & Printers

  • Arthritis Led to the Invention of the Photocopier: Physicist, inventor and patent attorney Chester Carlson invented xerography (the science used in photocopying) back in 1938. He was drawn to developing this process because he suffered from painful arthritis and wanted to find a system to duplicate large volumes of documents instead of having to re-write legal documents by hand. According to Wikipedia he received a patent for his xerography invention, also known as electrophotography, in 1942.
  • Here’s Your Xerox 914 and a free fire extinguisher! The Xerox 914 was the first photocopier to hit the market in 1959. It weighed a whopping 648 pounds and measured 42” high, 46” wide, and 45” deep. Over-use could cause the risk of overheating and if you printed too many copies, it could burst into flames! It was such a big problem that Xerox provided a free fire extinguisher with each photocopier.

And one more thing…

Renting a printer or leasing a copy machine may be the best option for your business. Whether you have a startup or a well-established company, the costs associated with constantly updating technology can represent a big – and often burdensome – investment. That’s just one reason that leasing a copier is a smart option. Talk to us at RDS Team about our services – we sell, service, lease and finance all major brands of multifunction copiers and printers.