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Go Green with Managed Print Services

Going green can mean a lot of different things for a lot of different businesses. Many think that going green is simply flipping a light switch, or tossing a plastic bottle into a blue bin. However, the process of going green at the business level is actually multi-faceted and often includes Managed Print Services (MPS). Some simple changes to your printing systems can help you save the environment, as well as some extra cash.

Managed Print Services can aid your business at being more eco-friendly. Here are just a few ways MPS can bring some green into your office.

Establishing metrics. MPS assessments go through and analyze your print environment metrics. This means that everything from your energy usage to your paper waste is accounted for, so that you know what’s working and what might need to be changed.

Fleet optimization. Nobody wants to be stuck with a printer fleet that is out of date. Old, obsolete machines tend to use up more energy and offer fewer eco-friendly options. As technology advances, MPS can replace your printer fleets, so that you stay on the cutting edge and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.

Reducing output. MPS can offer you the lowest-cost devices that offer secure printing and routing. This means that you will have less unnecessary output, ultimately helping the environment and saving your money.

Fewer consumables. MPS can help you save money and go green by utilizing toner reduction, duplexing, and other forms of conservative printing measures. This way, you know your projects are being produced in the greenest ways possible.

Going paperless. MPS can help you set up electronic systems that reduce the need for paper altogether. Consider scanning and email systems that properly archive your documents so that they are easily attainable and secure. Not only will you reduce your dependence on paper, but you’ll improve workflow processes, too.

Although everyone wants to go green, it’s important to remember that the ultimate goal is making your company more efficient and saving money. To learn more about how MPS can help you go green, contact RDS today.