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Putting Refurbished Equipment to the Test

Putting Refurbished Equipment to the Test

Imaging equipment is a universal necessity among businesses. Whether it’s a simple printer, or a fancy MFP, every business needs a device to print professional-looking documents. The list of factors involved in gaining the right piece of imaging equipment is long. Do you need color, or will monochrome do? How fast do you need the document ready? How much are you willing to invest?

One other important factor is whether a refurbished piece of equipment might be beneficial to your company. Here are some benefits of refurbished equipment to consider before making your decision.

Cost savings: The first and most important benefit of refurbished equipment is the added savings. Oftentimes, refurbished equipment is significantly cheaper than new equipment, but functions exactly the same as a similar brand-new model. Choosing refurbished equipment can save your business a lot of money up front.

More features: Interestingly, because refurbished equipment is typically cheaper, you can stretch your budget to include a machine with more options or luxury features found on high-end machines at a lower cost. This could produce huge benefits as your company continues to grow, and your imaging demands expand.

Green benefits: By choosing a refurbished device, you save that piece of machinery from ending up in the landfill too soon. Purchasing or leasing refurbished imaging equipment is like rescuing a little piece of the planet from unneeded energy expenditures.

High quality: Refurbished equipment is up to snuff when it comes to quality. This is because all refurbished equipment is thoroughly inspected before it’s allowed to enter your office. In fact, here at RDS, there is a 77-point inspection to make sure that your machine will function with the best of them.

Future benefits: Refurbished technology allows you to stay ahead of the curve. Instead of buying new and purchasing a small machine that “works for you for now” due to budgetary constraints, you can choose a refurbished machine that incorporate more features, so you won’t be left in the dust when your demands outweigh your capabilities. On the contrary, thanks to an investment in your refurbished hardware, you can take on those new tasks with peace of mind, not to mention efficiency.

To learn more about how refurbished equipment can benefit your business, contact RDS today.