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6 Ways To Save On Printing When You Are A Document-Heavy Business

There are a number of different document-heavy industries, and if your business spends a significant amount of money printing and copying, you need to learn of ways to save money on printing. The setup of your office and the investment of various tools has the ability to impact your bottom line in a positive way.

Utilize Print Management Software

By installing print management software on your computers, you have the ability to track the amount of printing that you are doing, and limit the amount of wasteful printing. In addition, you can take it a step further and calculate the amount of printing done for individual clients. This will allow you to bill them appropriately, and recoup some of the costs. This is particularly effective across the legal industry.

Employees will become more conscious of the amount of printing that they are doing because they know it will be tracked in the print management software, too. This can help reduce the amount of printing organically.

Choose Cost Effective Ink & Toner

The brands of ink you choose can have a significant impact on overhead costs. There are a number of manufacturers that use recycled ink as well as compatible cartridges. Even though it doesn't have the name brand of your printer manufacturer, it can still be used within your printer, and save you a lot of money. The print quality will likely be the same, and the cost per page is going to drop.

Upgrade to Better Printers

Even though there may be nothing wrong with your printers, upgrading to high-capacity printers can be a smart investment. If every employee has their own personal printer, you can choose a few network printers to be installed in areas where they are accessible to entire departments. It will lower the cost per page by using the larger printers and by being able to purchase toner or ink in bulk, it's another way to save money.

Minimize Repairs

This may sound easier said than done, though if you can minimize the amount of printer repairs, you are bound to save money. Much of this has to do with choosing the right printers for the job. If you are using older printers, or the printers are simply incapable of handling the load, you are likely going to incur more repairs than if you simply invested in better and properly sized printers. Further, you can look at getting on maintenance plans with printer repair companies so that you pay a flat monthly fee as opposed to individual repairs each time you have to call them in.

Place Shared Printers Cautiously

Your goal should be to limit the number of printers that you have on premises and this means choosing where you are going to place the printers so that they are accessible to the largest group of people. Try to essentially locate the workgroup printer so that it doesn't cause employees to walk a long distance, cutting into their overall productivity. You may want to eliminate a copier room altogether, especially if it's on a different floor than the majority of your employees.

Scan Documents

Document scanning is an eco-friendly way to minimize office expenses. Rather than copying and filing important documents, you can scan them. This will conserve space across filing cabinets, making it easier to locate files, and eliminate the need to spend money on paper and ink.

You need to be responsible in your approach to printing, and there are various ways to save money and reduce the amount of paper and ink that you use across your company.

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